PaintExpo Eurasia Here We Come!

Pollution Control has always been a global brand. From our beginnings with that first furnace in Dallas, we began a march across the world, reaching South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Over the years we’ve developed close ties and shared knowledge and experience with thousands of customers, representatives and dealers all over the world – from the grand cities and capitals of Europe to the hundreds of far-flung outposts of emerging economies. The value of this great reservoir of experience gives our company and our customers powerful advantages in the market place.


But it hasn’t been all work! Our travels have also given us a rare opportunity to experience cultures and environments few get to visit in a lifetime. From the lush gardens and tropical heat of Guangzhou, China and it’s frenetic metropolis on the Pearl River, to the cobblestone walkways and beer gardens of Dusseldorf, Germany and the beautiful, winding Rhine River, to the vibrant batik and bustling gem markets of Jakarta, Indonesia and it’s juxtaposition of gleaming high rises and historic mosques; we’ve been afforded the ability to truly immerse in the people and feeling of each amazing place we’ve visited. This perspective and the chance to shake hands with vendors and customers thousands of miles from home allows us a chance to show an appreciation one can only do in person. And with that, we eagerly anticipate the Eurasia Paint Expo in Istanbul, Turkey in just a few weeks!