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Electric Motor Burn Out Ovens & Furnaces

At PCPC, common applications of our burn off ovens are for electric motor rebuilding and the coil winding associated. Below is a scenario where our ovens are used for the easy and safe removal of insulation, varnish, epoxy, paint and other organic material by pyrolysis.


To rebuild an electric motor, it must first be cleaned thoroughly: its copper wire coil and all varnish, epoxy, paint and insulation removed. Prior to today's stringent environmental laws, this was often done by soaking the motor parts in kerosene and "burning off" the organic material in a pit or metal container. Removing the material by hand is slow, expensive, often damaging to parts and physically unsafe for workers.

Electric Motor Repair and Cleaning


Pollution Control Products Co. developed the first fully contained "pyrolysis" cleaning oven for the Electric Motor Rebuilding Industry. Not only did it solve safety and environmental issues, it helped rebuilders dramatically increase production capacity, efficiency and quality.

  • The PCPC's patented Controlled Pyrolysis® process easily removes insulation, varnish, epoxy, paint and other organic material by pyrolysis - the thermal decomposition of organic materials.
  • Automatic controls regulated by the temperature of the stator core, safely and economically strips stators and parts without any damage to aluminum or "T" frames.
  • Smoke and gases driven off during pyrolysis are consumed by a 1400° afterburner leaving only small amounts of water vapor and carbon dioxide to exit the stack.
  • Stators come out clean and ready for rewinding with a minimum of preparation.
  • This unique process allows for the rebuilding of any size stator with any insulation system, including Random-Wound or Formed Coils, Vacuum Pressure Impregnated, Pour-On, Thick-Cast or Dip and Bake.
  • Controlled Pyrolysis® ovens eliminate open burning, acids, strippers and solvents, and the dangerous handling and disposal of spent stripping materials.
  • Cost savings usually will pay for the furnace in a short time and continue to pay dividends year after year.
  • Pollution Control Controlled Pyrolysis® ovens have been field-tested and proven by Electric Motor Rebuilders in thousands of installations around the world.

Benefits of our Electric Motor Rebuilding Services

Extends Electric Motor Life Safely removes varnish, insulation, epoxy and other combustibles from stators, end bells, transformers and other metal parts
Safe and Easy to Operate Stators come out of the oven with the old wire coil practically falling out
No More Chemical Stripping Controlled Pyrolysis® eliminates the use of dangerous chemicals and abrasives and the high cost of their disposal



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