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Multi-Plant Solution Case Study

Burn-Off Ovens

From start to finish, Pollution Control has the fastest delivery in the industry, and a recent project for a leading manufacturing company is proof that we can deliver big jobs as fast as we can deliver the small ones.

The Problem:

PCPC designed, manufactured, tested, and delivered all four ovens in six weeks from purchase order to delivery.

In an effort to improve employee safety, the client company began a vigorous program to replace their current cleaning method with a safer, more efficient, pollution-free cleaning technology. A serious injury had occurred at one of their plants and they were eager to make their workplace safer. After an extensive industry search and a thorough review of Burn-off Cleaning Ovens, their operating procedures, cleaning tests and safety record, they selected Pollution Control Products Co.

The Solution:

Before taking the order, Pollution Control engineers toured their facilities, conferencing with company engineers and operations executives to ensure the most effective oven specifications. They would need four burn-off ovens with cleaning capacities ranging from 300 to 600 cubic feet, and at least one oven requiring a Custom Burn-off Oven. Each of the four ovens would require optional operating equipment, including enhanced control and monitoring systems, electric door locks, battery back-up systems, custom loading racks, and dual fuel capabilities; natural gas and propane. And finally, they needed all four burn-off ovens in their plants by the end of the year, just weeks away!

The Results:

Pollution Control's manufacturing team got to work immediately. They designed, manufactured, tested and delivered all four ovens before the end of the year, six weeks from purchase order to delivery.


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