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PCPC Burn Off Oven Diagram

Cutaway PRC

Furnace Layout Features

  • 1
    Pollution Control's patented Controlled Pyrolysis® water spray system controls the rate of vapor emissions, which prevents an ignition or over-heating conditions in the oven.
  • 2
    Explosion Relief Door automatically opens to relieve excess pressure, then closes, preventing air from reaching combustible materials. Vapors are prevented from entering factory area.
  • 3
    The Vent Stack is made of easy-to-assemble stainless steel with high-temperature ceramic fiber in hard form. Discharge effluent consists primarily of carbon dioxide and water vapor, which are invisible, odorless and harmless.
  • 4
    The Secondary burner (Afterburner) raises the temperature of the vapors to 1400ºF for 1/2 second to completely burn them before discharge to the atmosphere.
  • 5
    Water spray system manifold.
  • 6
    The Diagnostic Panel indicator lights illuminate the start-up sequence and help pinpoint operating problems.
  • 7
    The primary heat input burner distributes heat under the cart to heat the metal parts being cleaned. Volatile organic materials are driven off as water vapor and pyrolysis gases. The burner flame is confined to the combustion chamber, never coming in contact with parts.
  • 8
    Fuel Line: burners are available for natural gas, propane gas and number 2 fuel oil.
  • 9
    Pollution Control manufactures a variety of heavy duty carts designed for specific uses. The carts roll outside the oven on removable tracks for easy loading and unloading.
  • 10
    Designed for easy removal of ashes, the floor is 3-4" thick hard castable refractory reinforced with structural steel channels.
  • 11
    The Main Control Box houses digital temperature indicator controllers, the main power toggle switch, 2 pilot lights to indicate when the burners are lighted, 0-12 hour cycle timer, part temperature measurement switch and the Diagnostic Panel.
  • 12
    The all-welded cabinet is constructed of heavy-gauge sheet steel and supported by structural steel angles and channels with sealed seams to prevent leakage and maximize fuel economy.
  • 13
    Doors are equipped with cam-type lock assemblies, tadpole sealing gaskets and stay-open hooks.  Doors open 270º.
  • 14
    Walls, ceilings and doors are insulated with 3" of double-layered lightweight ceramic fiber blanket, anchored on stainless steel pins, with wire mesh and locking washers.  It is protected by a perforated metal liner and is rated at 2300ºF (1275ºC).  It contains no asbestos.