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VRC 3483 Rate Controlled Cleaning Furnace

 Built for a large U.S. electric motor rebuilder. 

  • Designed to accommodate the size and type of loads to be processed.
  •  Cleaning capacity of over 3,000 cubic feet.
  • Its loading capacity can reach up to 6,000 pounds.
Project Application:

This is a Pollution Control PRC 2065L Rate Controlled Furnace

Built for major automobile parts OEM.

  • Designed outside standard sizes to fit the customer’s desired processing capacity
  • Large capacity cleaning chamber to strip and reclaim big loads of metal parts (2065 cubic feet)
  • Custom painted to match the company’s exact corporate color specifications
Project Application:

Controlled Pyrolysis® Cleaning Furnace

This giant 6-burner IGG (inert gas) Controlled Pyrolysis® Cleaning Furnace was built specifically to clean drill pipe in the oilfields of Oman.

  • Approximately 50 feet long with a cleaning capacity of 5,363 cubic feet
  • Built in two sections to facilitate overseas shipping and transport limitations & it needed to be designed to easily reassemble on site
  • Designed to remove the protective oil coating usually applied to new pipe and any other impurities on the pipe surface
  • The furnace allows it to clean several miles of drill pipe during one cycle
  • The air condition furnace protects the control panel instrumentation from malfunctioning from overheating & extends the furnace operating life
Project Application:

Custom Built PRC 2866L

This PRC 2866L (2866 cubic feet) was custom-built to eliminate fouling in oil field heat exchangers.

  • Heat exchangers can range from 20 to 40 feet or more in length and weigh thousands of pounds.
  • The deposition of any undesired material on heat transfer surfaces is called fouling and it can significantly impact the thermal and mechanical performance of heat exchangers.
  • This furnace has a small doorway at the opposite end of the loading doors designed to allow for a pulley system needed to load and unload these large heat exchangers processed in the furnace.
  • Since the furnace is located outside in the plant yard, it has a remote-mounted control panel 300 feet away inside the plant for easier access and operational control.
Project Application:
Oil & Gas Industry

Screw Cleaning Oven

This IGG-20L, three-burner screw cleaner was designed to clean unusually long extruder screws.

  • Screw cleaning ovens in standard sizes of 6',9',12',15' & 16' but could have unique sizes
  • This custom oven was built for 20' long screws


Project Application:
Rubber Removal

Custom Controlled Pyrolysis Burn-off Oven

JR Custom Metal Products, a large metal fabricator, chose Pollution Control Products’ Controlled Pyrolysis burn-off oven for their new 24,000 square foot powder coating facility in Wichita, KS.

  • Wanted the furnace located outside of the building, but operationally accessible from the inside of the building
  • Pollution Control manufactured a PRC 300, designed to be placed outside with the oven doors opening through a custom fitted portal to the inside of the building
  • Control panel was remotely mounted inside the building on a wall near the furnace for ease of access and operation

“They were really instrumental in helping us not only select the right oven but even the installation went easy. We told them what we were planning and today we feel they’ve put together a system that’s really good for us and its been performing really well”
Jorge Martinez - Sales Manager, JR Custom

Project Application:

VRC 2540L Burn-off Furnace

This VRC 2540L burn-off furnace was custom-built for a major manufacturer of industrial equipment and consumer products.

  • This furnace was designed specifically to clean and reclaim these large pumps, which can often stand over six feet tall and weigh thousands of pounds
  • reclaiming these pumps puts them back to work as good as new and saves hundreds of thousands of dollars over their operating life
Project Application:
Rubber Removal

Custom Furnace for European Stackers

Europe many companies use stackers to load their furnaces.

  • Unlike “forklifts”, stackers have extended legs underneath the lifting prongs to provide extra support and balance for lifting heavier loads.
  • Pollution Control manufactured furnaces with a raised floor and slots to accommodate the extended legs when loading the furnace
Project Application:
Rubber Removal

Diesel Cleaning Furnace

Pollution Control’s patented process cleans diesel particulate filters safely and effectively.

Each diesel cleaning furnace is fitted with a specially designed cleaning basket that releases air into each filter ensuring maximum effective heat distribution, thorough cleaning, and the complete removal of carbon and other particulates clogging the filter.

Project Application:
Rubber Removal