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Automotive Rebuilder Stripping Ovens & Furnaces


Before rebuilding automotive engine replacement parts, they must be cleaned thoroughly of grease, oil, gaskets, and dirt. In the past this process was slow and labor-intensive involving solvents, abrasives and chemicals. Today, market demand, safety concerns, and environmental laws have made these old methods no longer viable for high volume rebuilders or even the local garage rebuilding one engine a week.

cleaning engine parts


Pollution Control's Controlled Pyrolysis® Cleaning Furnace not only allows automotive engine and parts rebuilders to comply with new safety and environmental standards, it helps them dramatically increase their production capacity. One burn off furnace can do overnight what two men can do in a month.

  • PCPC's patented Controlled Pyrolysis® process easily removes grease, oil, gaskets, varnish, epoxy, paint and other organic material with little or no environmental impact. No flame or fire ever touches the parts. "Pyrolysis" is the thermal decomposition of organic material by the action of heat contaminants that are vaporized leaving only small amounts of ash that can be tapped off or rinsed clean with water.
  • Automatic controls and a back-up water spray system maintain safe and stable cleaning temperatures of 700-800°F, keeping metal parts free from damage.
  • Smoke and gases driven off during the pyrolysis process are consumed by a 1400° afterburner leaving only small amounts of harmless, odorless water vapor and carbon dioxide to exit through the stack into the atmosphere.
  • Parts come out clean and ready for processing with a minimum of preparation.
  • Cost savings usually pay for the furnace in a short time and continue to pay dividends year after year.
  • Controlled Pyrolysis® burn off ovens eliminate open burning, acids, strippers and solvents, and the dangerous handling and disposal of spent stripping materials.
  • The Controlled Pyrolysis® cleaning furnace has been adopted by thousands of automotive and rebuilding operations around the world.


Benefits of Engine Rebuilding Services

Pollution Free Powerful afterburners eliminate all hydrocarbon pollutants leaving only small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor to exhaust into the atmosphere
Industry Leading Experience Our furnaces have been field-tested in over 8,000 installations worldwide covering 800 industrial classifications
Easy To Operate Labor-saving controls are fully automated and user-friendly ensuring safe and thorough cleaning



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