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Automatic Temperature Control Ovens & Furnaces

PCPC's RateControlled models, also known as precision temperature control oven, allow you to strip parts with greater loads of combustibles, even oil-soaked transformers. RateControlled models combine all of the features of Controlled Pyrolysis® models with a more advanced system of detecting overheating.

The rate controlled ovens are an excellent choice for varying load sizes or highly combustible amounts. They have faster overheat response times than the controlled pyrolysis ovens and are built to FM standards with high fire afterburner.

The RateControlled model's advanced temperature control system detects overheating when it begins, allowing processing of materials that are difficult if not impossible to control, such as volatile combustibles like oil-soaked transformers, partially-cured paint films on grates, and other hard-to-process materials. Some combustibles start to decompose at lower temperatures than others and, therefore, more difficult to keep from igniting. The RateControlled System monitors the rates of furnace temperature increase, the afterburner temperature and the rate of smoke emission. Should any of these accelerate too fast, the rate controllers turn on the water spray to restore safe operation. The rate controllers are factory-set and require no operator input.

Precision Temperature Control Oven Features

  • Automatic time cycles ensure that the furnace runs for only as long as it takes the process to load.
  • Automatic Cool-down
  • Larger loads can be processed more quickly
  • The Rapid heat afterburner helps to increase the processing rate of the smoke being generated during operation.
  • Safety requirements set by insurance companies and EPA are met through the use of door switches, purge times, extra gas valve and high/low gas pressure switches.

Standard Features of RateControlled™ Ovens

  • Automatic Time Cycle runs the furnace only as long as it takes to process the load.
  • Fully Automatic. No cycle time or ramp recipe to select.
  • Automatic Cool-Down if the secondary burner fails. Back-Up Water Spray.
  • Processes larger loads in shorter times.
  • Processes more volatile loads with digital controllers.
  • Rapid Heat Afterburner raises standard afterburner temperature from 1500°F to 1650°F, increasing the processing rate of the smoke generated.
  • Rapid Heat Afterburner required by EPA in some states.
  • Diagnostic Panel indicator lights reflect the operational status of the oven and its controls and pin-points the problem.
  • Door Switch, Purge Time, Extra Gas Valve and High/Low Gas Pressure Switches enhance burner safety required by some insurance companies.
  • Water Pressure Switch stops primary burner if water supply fails.
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