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Commercial Parts Reclamation

With the advent of “green” and “lean” manufacturing in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, an entire industry of industrial cleaning companies emerged dedicated to helping manufacturers reclaim, recycle and extend the life of industrial parts and tooling. These Commercial or Contract Cleaners had been able to successfully service the diverse needs of many types of companies with equipment and processes that were effective, efficient, and safe.

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What are the Challenges Faced by Commercial or Contract Cleaners? 

Commercial or Contract Cleaning operations must be able to successfully handle the extreme demands of a diverse customer base and the technical challenges of cleaning varying load sizes with varying combustible amounts. Since they usually operate 24/7 their equipment must be dependable, effective, and backed by an experienced and responsive service team when needed. And, like all other industrial operations, their equipment and processes must be safe to operate and environmentally healthy both for their workers and their community.

Examples of the many challenges Commercial Cleaners May Encounter:

  • Finishing line hooks, hangers, and racks that need to be cleaned of excess paint or powder coatings before returning them to use.
  • Rejected painted or coated parts that need to be cleaned prior to recoating or refinishing.
  • Automotive and industrial engines, electric motors and parts such as starters, alternators, water pumps, etc. that need to be cleaned prior to rebuilding.
  • Oilfield equipment and parts, including pumps, valves, engines, drill pipe, heat exchangers, etc. 
  • Diesel exhaust filters for trucks, buses and other fleet operations.
  • Plastic machine tooling such as extruder screws, molds, dies and breaker plates, etc. that need to be cleaned in conjunction with color or material changes or as part of routine maintenance. 

Burn-Off Oven Solutions 

High Volume, Diverse Cleaning Requirements, Equipment Flexibility and Reliability. 

Pollution Control's RateControlled and InertGas furnaces have become an industry standard with Commercial Cleaners. Cleaning furnaces are the primary source of their revenue so they must meet the high demands of their customers every day:

  1. High volume durability
  2. Speed and ease of use
  3. Variable processing capabilities
  4. Long term dependability

Because downtime and maintenance translate directly into dollar costs or lost business, Commercial Cleaners rely on the prompt and knowledgeable technical support provided by Pollution Control's experienced service department. Our service professionals are always on call to quickly solve problems and to keep equipment operating, often under harsh processing demands. Pollution Control’s Service Department maintains a large inventory of replacement parts available to be shipped the same day. 


Benefits Of Commercial Cleaners

High Volume Durability Able to handle heavy 24/7 volume and varying load sizes with highly combustible amounts
Quick Turnaround Pollution Control covers the entire field of thermal cleaning and part reclamation - normal delivery is 4 to 6 weeks
Long Term Dependability With proper maintenance and care, pollution Control Burn-Off Cleaning Ovens can last 25-30 years or more


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Commercial Cleaners