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Rubber Removal Burn Off Ovens

The polymerization of rubber has greatly extended its uses and presence in today’s world. From highly visible consumer products like car tires, shoe soles, rubber bands, latex gloves and garden hoses to service behind the scenes as gaskets, sealants, insulation and protective coatings used in hundreds of industrial applications in commercial and military aircraft, shipping, oil and gas production and transmission, electronics, pumps, valves, refrigeration, engines, ducting, conveyor belts and packaging.

To extend the life, reclaim and recycle the metal parts from these products, not to mention the moulds and tooling used in their manufacture, the rubber polymers must be removed.

Why Use A Burn-Off Oven to Remove Rubber?

Pollution Control's InertGas™ Cleaning Furnace (Burn-Off Oven) was designed by a polymer chemist and is manufactured specifically for the removal of rubber and other polymers. Virtually pollution-free, it's patented Controlled Pyrolysis® process eliminates the use of chemical strippers and other toxic materials. The InertGas™ industrial oven evenly distributes the temperature in the cleaning chamber allowing rubber polymers “burn-off” as smoke leave only a fine ash to fall to the oven floor.

Controlled Pyrolysis®: It’s safe and Pollution-Free

Pyrolysis is a gentle process that extends the life of parts and tooling. It safely removes polymers by vaporizing contaminants into smoke. The smoke is then burned in an afterburner completely consuming all pollutants leaving only invisible, odorless, and harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide to be discharged out of the exhaust stack. The oven’s easy-to-operate and self-adjusting control system reduces labor costs, machinery downtime, and any risk of damage to parts. Automatic time cycles ensure the oven runs only long enough to clean parts. 

Designed by a Polymer Chemist

Safely removes polymers, adhesives and chemicals from extrusion screws, breakers, plates, dies, nozzles and other metal parts

Safe and Easy to Operate

Diagnostic Panel fully monitors and displays 15 operating functions

Safe and Gentle Process

Carefully reduces oxygen at the point of polymer decomposition and then increases the atmosphere to eliminate carbon residues