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Super Burn-Off Oven Case Study

Super Burn-Off Oven

Pollution Control Products Co. has completed construction of one of the largest industrial cleaning ovens in the world. Destined to service the oilfields of the Middle East, this huge furnace will make its permanent base in the oil-rich country of Oman located on the southwest coast of the Arabian Peninsula at the entrance to the Persian Gulf. Because of its mammoth size, the oven had to be built in two sections in order to facilitate shipping. The total weight of the empty furnace (with cart inside) is 80,000 pounds. Specifically designed to clean and reclaim oilfield pipe, Pollution Control’s Model IGG-5362L Industrial Cleaning Oven measures 10’11”W x 9’9”H x 50’L, giving it a cleaning chamber capacity of over 5,000 cubic feet and a cart loading capacity of 50,000 pounds. The cleaning chamber is heated by 4 large heat input burners and two powerful afterburners. Designed to remove grease and oil coatings from steel pipe, the furnace has a maximum operating temperature of 900ºF. As added protection from the extreme heat of Oman where desert temperatures can sometimes reach 140ºF, the control panel is fitted with it’s own air conditioning unit. Pollution Control is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of “burn-off” ovens with over 8,000 installations in 45 countries around the world.

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