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  1. FOCUS - Controlled Pyrolysis® Cleaning Furnaces equipped with afterburners to protect our environment are the only products we make. They are not part of our business. They are our only business! No other manufacturer can make this statement.
  2. EXPERIENCE - Since 1971, we have manufactured and installed over 8,000 Burn-Off ovens worldwide. We supply ovens for users small and large - from "mom and pop" electric motor rebuilders to international manufacturers, such as General Electric, General Motors, Ford, Whirlpool, Bayer, Dupont, Textron, and Steelcase. We also supply many of the world's largest Contract Cleaners and Industrial Strippers.
  3. INNOVATION: We were the first to develop -
    • DryCleaning Furnaces for removing relatively small amounts of paint, varnish or other coatings.
    • Controlled Pyrolysis® Furnaces using our patented water mist system to control the rate of emissions coming off the parts being cleaned, thus preventing overheating and allowing the processing of larger quantities of parts and materials to be removed.
    • RateControlled Furnaces that sense the rate of heat increase in both the furnace and the afterburner and activate the controlling water mist system to anticipate and prevent over-heating, thus allowing greater quantities of materials to be processed.
    • InertGas Furnaces using another of our patented control systems, available with optional "melt collectors" allowing for the processing of the maximum quantities possible while providing a maximum level of control over the cleaning process.
    In developing this complete line of Controlled Pyrolysis® Cleaning ovens, we were the first to offer Electronic Diagnostic Systems, Automatic Time Cycles, Automatic Cool-Downs, Back-up Water Spray Systems and Rapid Heat Afterburners.
  4. CUSTOMER ORIENTATION - We build furnaces based on OUR CUSTOMER'S needs. Our four different types of furnaces are offered depending on the degree of control required. Furnace sizes run from 13 cu. ft. to more than 3000 cu. ft. in volume. We research your cleaning requirements before recommending a specific size and type of furnace to meet your needs. Send us a metal part you need cleaned and we will run a test clean in our oven or arrange for a test clean in a customer's oven at no charge. Then we'll return the part to you to determine if our technology will be of value to you.
  5. SUPPORT - Our staff can assist in the entire acquisition process, from initial evaluations and permit preparations, all the way through to installation. We will provide at no cost State and Federal permitting applications before the sale if requested, thus assuring that your furnace will be permitted even before you place an order.
  6. SERVICE - Our Service Department exists exclusively to attend to your furnace needs. When you invest in our furnace we are committed to you for the life of your furnace. Should a mechanical or electrical component malfunction, our furnaces are designed to help diagnose the problem and our service personnel are available daily by phone to walk you through the diagnostic and repair process at no charge to you. Replacement parts are stocked and usually available for shipping the same business day.