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Custom Burn Off Ovens

Most of the primary markets we serve today evolved from a custom application. Our custom burn-off ovens, also known as burn out ovens, have been field-tested in over 8,000 locations and are currently serving effectively in over 800 industrial classifications, including the U.S. Military. The following are just a few examples of how we've customized thermal stripping and cleaning technologies to help our customers solve their unique cleaning and production challenges.

Case Studies

ARCO Chemical Case Study

ARCO Chemical

PCPC burn-off oven removed 4,240 lbs. of styrene polymer in compliance with local environmental laws.

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Carolina Chem-Strip Case Study

Carolina Chem-Strip

With the help of 12 Pollution Control ovens, this one man shop has become a multi-plant powerhouse.

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RTP Case Study

RTP Corporation

By recognizing an industry need with an initial "custom application" furnace, Pollution Control's IGG oven has become an industry standard in the Plastics Industry.

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Highly Acidic Cleaning Environment Case Study

High Acidic Cleaning Environment

We adapated our furnace to be of stainless steel construction to work with materials that are highly corrosive.

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