Industrial Cleaning and Parts Reclamation Equipment: A Comparative Analysis

Size, process, specialty, expense, safety and environmental impact are all factors that may play a role in your decision when looking to purchase industrial cleaning equipment. However, the qualities that make the difference are REPUTATION, EXPERIENCE and SERVICE CAPACITY of the manufacturer. The major types of industrial cleaning equipment and processes used today are Pyrolysis […]

Co-Founder of Pollution Control Products Co., Rosie Simpson, Passes at 92

Rosie Simpson Passes at 92 by Jo Simpson We lost our dear Rosie in 2016. She was 92 years at the time of her death. Along with her husband, Peyton Simpson, Rosie played an active role in the founding and success of Pollution Control Products Co., serving on the board until slowed by illness just […]

Pollution Control Closes out 2015 Visiting International & Domestic Tradeshows

First Stop: Istanbul Turkey for the 2015 Paint Expo Eurasia Just before the holidays this year, Pollution Control had the last of it’s trade shows in a whirlwind sprint toward 2016. Beginning in October, we traveled to Istanbul, Turkey where we not only participated in the Paint Expo Eurasia international coatings show, but also had […]

Paint & Powder Coating Test Cleaning

To help prospective customers discover the ease, safety and efficiency of Controlled Pyrolysis® Cleaning Furnaces, we offer Free Test Cleanings. Each test is videotaped to provide participating companies full visual access to the process and the cleaning results. Testing & Cleaning Powdered Covered Parts to Perfection The video with this blog shows a cleaning test […]

Pollution Control Visits Global Burn Off Oven Partners in Europe!

Pollution Control is fortunate to have a strong network of dealers and representatives throughout the world who support, service and sell our furnaces. With this system in place, we are able to reach customers regardless of distance, regional environmental and permitting laws, electrical and measurement differences, languages and cultures. Pollution Control works closely with our […]

Pollution Control Interviews Pump & Pyrolysteknik in Sweden

Located in Sweden, Pump & Pyrolysteknik is a full service commercial cleaner and dealer for Pollution Control furnaces and pump manufacturers Ingersoll Rand and Jessberger. They have been in business since 1988 and have represented those same brands over 25 years of service, operating throughout Scandinavia and northern Europe. Fredrik and Anneli Lenander, owners of […]

PaintExpo Eurasia Here We Come!

Pollution Control has always been a global brand. From our beginnings with that first furnace in Dallas, we began a march across the world, reaching South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Over the years we’ve developed close ties and shared knowledge and experience with thousands of customers, representatives and dealers all over the world – […]

Pollution Control’s Low NOx Burners Meet The Toughest Air Quality Standards in the World

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) in Southern California enforces the toughest air quality standards in the country – especially when it concerns nitrogen oxides. Almost any equipment in that district that incorporates a flame can easily set off regulatory alarm bells. However, new technologies are helping Southern California manufacturers to operate safely […]

The History of Burn off Ovens

The year was 1970. Peyton Simpson, a 45 year-old engineer and self-described “tinkerer,” was wrapping up a few loose ends of a business venture that had run its course. It was just after sundown when he first noticed thick black smoke rising into the night sky from behind a warehouse building across the street. “Fire,” […]

The 2015 EASA Convention Another Success!

EASA was a blow-out in San Antonio! Just steps away from the historic Alamo and on the scenic Riverwalk, EASA 2015 just finished it’s annual convention in the bustling city of San Antonio, Texas! Home to authentic Mexican food and culture, Spanish missions from colonial days, towering skyscrapers and surging economic and population growth, San […]