Pollution Control’s Low NOx Burners Meet The Toughest Air Quality Standards in the World

low-nox burners

low-nox burnersThe South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) in Southern California enforces the toughest air quality standards in the country – especially when it concerns nitrogen oxides. Almost any equipment in that district that incorporates a flame can easily set off regulatory alarm bells. However, new technologies are helping Southern California manufacturers to operate safely under these stringent controls. Pollution Control Burn-Off Ovens installed in this district can be equipped with Low NOx Burners.

The SCAQMD includes portions of 9 counties encompassing over 10,000 square miles. It includes Los Angeles and its surrounding suburbs, the South Coast Air Basin, portions of the Salton Sea Air Basin and the Mojave Desert Air Basin. The SCAQMD places more regulatory emphasis on nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions because reduction of these emissions provide greater ozone reduction benefits than volatile organic compound (VOC) emission reductions.

The addition of Low NOx Burners to Pollution Control’s Cleaning Ovens gives California manufacturers a safe and powerful tool. Pollution Control Ovens not only extend the life of metal parts and tooling, they are also Pollution-Free with powerful afterburners that destroy harmful hydrocarbon emissions and pollutants. They’re safe and easy to operate and they eliminate the use of dangerous chemicals, solvents and abrasives, and the expense and hazards of their disposal.

Over the past four decades Pollution Control Burn-Off Ovens have been the industry leader in recycling and reclamation technology. Their Controlled Pyrolysis® process has met or exceeded the standards of almost every federal, state and international air quality and environmental regulatory agency in the world. With installations in every state in the union plus 44 countries around the world, Pollution Control Burn Off Ovens have become an indispensable part of “Lean and Green” business practices worldwide.