Pollution Control Visits Global Burn Off Oven Partners in Europe!

Pollution Control is fortunate to have a strong network of dealers and representatives throughout the world who support, service and sell our furnaces. With this system in place, we are able to reach customers regardless of distance, regional environmental and permitting laws, electrical and measurement differences, languages and cultures.

Pollution Control works closely with our reps and wants to support them in any way we can- through training and technical resources to marketing and promotional materials. One of the best ways we can show our support, while also learning about foreign markets and industry, is to visit in person. In 2013, our sales, engineering and marketing departments flew to Europe for a week to visit Simon Blunnie in England, Axel Hellensleben in Germany and Fredrik Lennander in Sweden, all sellers and supporters of the Pollution Control line. From this trip, not only did we walk away with valuable business information, but a closer understanding of the wonderful men and women who make up our global partners.