Controlled Pyrolysis® Ovens

PCPC's Controlled Pyrolysis® models have a highly sensitive control system for added protection and operational flexibility. These furnaces can remove the same combustible materials as Dry Cleaner models, but in greater quantities: 2% to 15% by weight.

Located in the afterburner stack, this sensitive system (U.S. Patent 4,270,898) monitors the rate of smoke emission from the parts by measuring the stack temperature. When the stack temperature reaches a preset point, the stack controller turns on a water spray mist to cool the parts, lowering the smoke emission rate before it reaches an ignition state. The water spray also activates if the oven temperature exceeds its set-point temperature by 30°. A back-up water spray activates should the water spray nozzles become clogged or malfunction in anyway. Additionally, a manual-reset high-limit temperature controller turns off the primary burner if the oven temperature controller should fail.

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Controlled Pyrolysis Cleaning Furnace