Pollution Control Closes out 2015 Visiting International & Domestic Tradeshows

First Stop: Istanbul Turkey for the 2015 Paint Expo Eurasia

Just before the holidays this year, Pollution Control had the last of it’s trade shows in a whirlwind sprint toward 2016. Beginning in October, we traveled to Istanbul, Turkey where we not only participated in the Paint Expo Eurasia international coatings show, but also had the opportunity to truly experience the amazing culture, people and cuisine of this vibrant city. It was a successful show and a wonderful chance to meet with our overseas partners and explore the challenges and growth available.

Next Stop: Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2015 Big R Show & SEMA Show

Once back in the states, we barely unpacked before we were off again for back to back shows in Las Vegas, Nevada! The Big R and SEMA shows are automotive shows that allow us to showcase our cleaning ovens and the many ways they can help remanufacturers, rebuilders and the major auto houses as well. It’s also a tremendous way to learn more about this quickly evolving industry and the many ways they are adapting to environmental and efficiency concerns.

Final Destination: Chicago, Illinois for 2015 Fabtech

From Las Vegas, we went directly to the windy city, Chicago, for our final show of the year, Fabtech! With a focus on metal fabricating and finishing, Pollution Control Products furnaces are a vital part of keeping finishing and coating shops running without delays waiting on clean paint hooks and more. We were also able to meet with a number of representatives and trade organizations, helping us keep up to date on new technologies and industry changes within a highly competitive global market.

We look forward to 2016 with great anticipation and an even FULLER schedule of shows. Please visit our tradeshow page to see when we will be in your area and contact us with any questions you may have or to schedule a test clean!