Pollution Control Interviews Pump & Pyrolysteknik in Sweden

Located in Sweden, Pump & Pyrolysteknik is a full service commercial cleaner and dealer for Pollution Control furnaces and pump manufacturers Ingersoll Rand and Jessberger. They have been in business since 1988 and have represented those same brands over 25 years of service, operating throughout Scandinavia and northern Europe. Fredrik and Anneli Lenander, owners of Pump & Pyrolysteknik, were kind enough to answer a few questions for us regarding their longstanding relationship with Pollution Control furnaces.

Q: What made you develop your relationship with Pollution Control? How did you become acquainted with our furnaces in the beginning?
A: The need to burn off powdercoat in Scandinavia. We learned of your furnaces at a trade show in Chicago.

Q: When you started commercial cleaning, what were the business benefits you saw in using furnaces as opposed to other cleaning technologies?
A: The clean, easy and environmental friendly way of cleaning hooks and hangers.

Q: Being in Europe, what hurdles do you have with regards to environmental and waste disposal that are helped by using pyrolysis as opposed to other types of cleaning?
A: With a 2 second afterburner, we are way under the limit for fumes in the EU. The ash is analyzed once a year for metals such as manganese, lead and zink. The results are so low that it is hard to measure. The rest of the product/ash produced is treated like standard waste.

Q: There are other cleaning furnace companies closer to you in Sweden. Why choose Pollution Control?
A: PCPC delivers a furnace that is superior in quality; rigid doors, floor and walls and the way the doors swing open 270 degrees. The controller system is on a fix-it-yourself level, which is good for our customers. We like that the afterburner is inside the furnace and not a giant tube on top of the furnace.

Q: With commercial cleaning, what are the major industries you serve?
A: We serve the truck and car industry, producers of heat exchangers, ventilation systems, windows, furniture and plastic industries.

Q: What other lines of product do you represent? Will you be attending any trade shows or events in the near future?
A: We represent ARO/Ingersoll Rand Ltd pneumatic driven piston- and diaphragm pumps. Jessberger GmbH electric driven pumps. 2016 we will be attending shows in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden.

We were lucky to have visited Pump & Pyrolysteknik in October of 2013, and Fredrik joined us at a coatings tradeshow in which we participated in Karlsruhe, Germany in 2012. We’ve added links to some video from those visits, as well as a link to Pump & Pyrolysteknik’s website and an introduction video they have showcasing their company below.

Introduction to Pump & Pyrolysteknik: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=34&v=w8P9U3jhIvk