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Burn-Off Oven for Powder & Paint Coatings

Pollution Control’s Burn Off Ovens have become an integral part of commercial paint and powder coating operations in the U.S. and abroad. These ovens are extremely safe and effective in the removal (sometimes called powder coating thermal stripping) of paint and powder coatings from metal parts including hooks, racks, steel jigs, fixtures, and hanging trees used to hold parts during paint operations on conveyorized paint and powder coating lines. 

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Why Use A Burn-Off Oven to Remove Powder & Paint Coatings?

Most paint and powder coating today is done through an electrostatic coating process. The paint or powder is charged negatively when it comes out of the application sprayer, and the part being coated is charged positively, thus ensuring a good bond and reducing the amount of paint or powder required to coat the part. Ultimately paint and powder coating buildup on the hooks reduces the electrical contact resulting in improper coating and wasted paint or powder coating. Also, painted parts may need to be stripped of defective or old paint or powder coating so they can be recoated properly. 

Historically, dirty paint hangers and hooks were cleaned chemically using acids or caustic organic chemical solvents. With the advent of new laws concerning environmental health, hazardous waste disposal, and workplace safety, the use and disposal of these spent solvents have become much more expensive.

Paint and powder coating operations need a safe, fast, and efficient way to keep their paint and powder coating hooks and racks pristine in order to maintain product quality and profitability. That's where Pollution Control’s Controlled Pyrolysis® Burn Off Ovens come in.

Painting Removal from Street Signs Paint Stripping from Metal Hooks

Burn-Off Oven Solutions 

Pollution Control's Controlled Pyrolysis® Burn Off Ovens eliminate the use and dangers of toxic chemicals and the costs and environmental risks of their disposal. Processing is easy, safe, and pollution-free. Excessive coatings and buildup on hooks, racks, and metal parts are pyrolyzed at temperatures of 700-800°F (vaporized into smoke). The resulting smoke and emissions generated are drawn through a powerful afterburner operating at approximately 1400°F, incinerating the smoke completely, leaving only invisible, odorless and harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide to exit the exhaust stack. Only inorganic ash remains on the parts, which is easily removed with a water rinse. The cleaned hooks and racks come out of the oven ready to be returned to service.

The two primary oven models used by most paint and powder coaters are Pollution Control’s Controlled Pyrolysis® Cleaning Furnace (PTR) and the Rate Controlled Cleaning Furnace (PRC).

  • The PTR Cleaning Furnaces have been a major component of paint and powder coating operations for many, many years. The PTR’s fully automated heat cleaning cycle greatly reduces labor costs, extends the life of hangars and racks, and helps maintain a moving and clean finishing line.
  • The Rate Controlled (PRC) oven is also an excellent choice for removing paint or powder coatings. The PRC ovens are designed to handle varying load sizes and loads with highly combustible amounts of organic material. PRC models have faster overheat response times and they’re built to FM standards with a high fire afterburner (required in some states). The operator needs only to press the start button and the furnace automatically evaluates the load and self-adjusts the cleaning cycle for optimum results.

Benefits of our Powder Coating Heat Cleaning Ovens

Fully Automatic Automated self-adjusting temperature controls shorten cycle times and maximize efficiency
Efficient Heat Distribution Our patented design ensures safe and uniform temperature control
Save Time, Money, & Materials Clean hooks and hangers, increase transfer efficiency, reduce paint usage, improve quality and lower rejection rates