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InertGas Ovens Details & Specs

InertGas Model Features

  • Patented Controlled Pyrolysis® Water Spray Systemcontrols the rate of smoke emissions preventing damage due to ignition or over-heated in the furnace. Standard
  • Optional Burners available:
    • 1. Natural Gas
    • 2. Propane Gas
    • 3. Number 2 Fuel Oil
  • The Primary Burner heats the cleaning chamber to 800ºF (427ºC). Volatile materials are driven off as smoke. The burner flame is confined to the combustion chamber never touching the parts. Standard
  • Back-Up Water Spray if nozzles are clogged.Standard
  • High Temperature Controller to 1,000°F (538°C) Optional
  • Automatic Time Cycles run the furnace only as long as it takes to process the load. Standard
  • Fully Automatic no cycle time or ramp recipe to select. Standard
  • Automatic Cool-Down if secondary burner fails during a cycle. Standard
  • Back-Up Water Spray if nozzles are clogged. Standard
  • Manual-reset high-limit switch Standard
  • Diagnostic Panel indicator lights reflect the operational status of the oven and its controls. Indicator light failure pin-points the problem. Standard
  • Door Switch, Purge Timer, Extra Gas Valve and High/Low Gas Pressure Switches enhance burner safety that may be required by some insurers. Standard
  • Melt Collectors shorten cycle times and fuel expense because "melts and flows" do not have to be completely removed. Optional

inert gas oven

Specifications and Data

Cabinet: Heavy Gauge sheet steel supported by structural steel angles and channels, and covered by heavy-gauge sheet metal shell.

Floor: Hard castable refractory, reinforced with structural steel channels. Allows easy removal of ashes.

Doors: Equipped with cam-type lock assemblies and tadpole stealing gaskets. Door opens 95°.

Explosion Relief: Unique gravity sealed top relief door automatically opens to relieve excess pressure, then closes, preventing air from reacting with combustible material.

Insulation: Walls and ceilings are covered with 4? of a two layer light weight ceramic fiber insulation and 1/8? vapor barrier to prevent corrosion. Perforated metal liner protects insulation. Hot face insulation rated at 2300°F (120°C)

Vent Stack: Made in 36? light-weight section for easy installation. Stainless steel exterior with high temperature hardened ceramic fiber (rated at 2300°F). Adjustable-pitch flashing, storm collar, and rain cap are furnished with stack.

Fuels: Natural Gas, Propane, Fuel Oil #2. Requires gas pressure of 6 inches water column while the furnace is operating.

Electrical Service: 110-125 V, 50-60 Hz, single phase, 5 ampere draw.

Water Supply: Minimum pressure 40 psi: maximum 100 psi for water injection system. Max flow rate for primary system 0.3 gpm (1.2 liter/min)

Normal Cycle Time: 3-4 hour plus  cooling time. Longer cycle may be required for extra heavy build up. Timer adjustable 0-12 hours.

Normal Cycle Temperature: 800°F-900°F ( 432°C - 482°C)

Pollution Standards: Meets latest EPA standards.

Safety & Health Standards:  Meets latest O.S.H.A. Federal Standards.

Insurance Standards: Meets most state & local codes. Burners can be easily equipped to meet Factory Mutual, C.G.A. or Industrial Risk Insurers Standards.