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Free Test Cleaning!


Please complete the Free Test Clean Request Form below and a Representative will contact you promptly to clarify the size, weight, and type of parts involved, the type of material to be cleaned and to schedule your Test Clean OR CALL OUR SALES DEPT. AT 214-358-1539

Use the yellow slider in the images below to see before and after the burn-off oven has cleaned the parts

Free Test Cleaning

Next Steps to Receive Your Free Test Clean

  1. Securely package your parts as directed by our Sales Dept. and ship PREPAID to:

    Pollution Control Products Co
    2677 Freewood Drive
    Dallas, Texas 75220
    Attn: Sales - Free Test Clean

  2. A test clean usually involves a small sampling of parts, 3 -12 pieces depending on size and type of part. Upon receipt, the parts are measured, weighed and photographed. All Test Clean requests are usually completed with 3 to 5 days of receipt

  3. So that the customer has a clear understanding of how our furnace works, the parts are returned to the customer “as they are” after cleaning – there is no secondary cleaning. Secondary cleaning is usually wiping or rinsing off the remaining ash.

  4. Cleaned parts, test photography and a Test Clean Report are shipped COLLECT promptly to the customer. IMPORTANT: PLEASE CONTACT OUR SALES DEPT. BEFORE SHIPPING TEST CLEAN PARTS TO OUR OFFICES.

Why Pollution Control?

Discover for yourself why the world’s leading manufacturing companies use Pollution Control’s patented Controlled Pyrolysis® Cleaning Furnaces (Burn-Off Ovens). Field-tested in over 800 industry classifications, including the U.S. Military, PCPC Furnaces cover the entire field of thermal stripping and industrial cleaning with specialized furnaces for plastics processors, the chemical and fiber industry, engine rebuilders, oil and gas producers, electric motor rebuilders, paint and powder coaters, and industrial contract cleaners – and thousands of other unique applications such precious metals extraction and diesel fuel filter reclamation. PCPC Controlled Pyrolysis® Cleaning Furnaces safely clean:

Polymer Extruder Hardware

  • Manufacturing Dies
  • Filters and Nozzles
  • Polymer Melt Pumps
  • Spinnerette
  • Die Screws
  • Screens
  • Paint hooks and grates
  • Painted Metal Parts
  • Engine Blocks and Parts
  • Metal or Ceramic Catalysts
  • Production Piping
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Transformers
  • Oil Filters
  • And 100s of other metal parts and equipment