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Pre-heating and Annealing Ovens Case Study

Industrial Burn-Off Ovens

Annealing Burn-Off Ovens

Our primary business is the design and manufacture of Industrial Cleaning Ovens (Burn-Off Ovens); however, we are occasionally asked to make modifications. Most often these modifications are enhancements that involve size, capacity or the addition of operational components. But in rare instances we have also modified our burn-off ovens so that they can perform additional closely related thermal processing functions, such as pre-heating and annealing. Annealing involves heating material to above its critical temperature, maintaining a stable temperature, and then cooling. This process softens steel, relieves internal stresses, refines its structure by making it homogeneous, and improves its cold working properties. Our experience with these types of modifications has mostly been limited to manufacturers requiring pre-heating and annealing to relieve stress and strengthen welds in load-bearing steel constructions.

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