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Leading Manufacturer of Burn Off Ovens & Cleaning Furnaces

The history of burn off ovens is the history of Pollution Control Products Co. Peyton Simpson, the company's founder, designed the first "pyrolysis" cleaning oven to help manufacturers safely and efficiently remove contaminants from metal parts to help manufacturers “comply with the Clean Air Act of 1970." PCPC's burn off ovens and patented Controlled Pyrolysis® process cleans parts by using heat to decompose organic material into vapors and pyrolysis gases. These gases (smoke) are then drawn through an afterburner to burn and completely eliminate any harmful emissions from being discharged out the exhaust stack. First used by electric motor rebuilders, PCPC quickly adapted their burn off ovens for use by automotive engine and parts rebuilders, paint and powder coaters, oil and gas producers, and plastics, fiber and chemical manufacturers. Today Pollution Control “burn-off” ovens cover the entire field of thermal cleaning and parts reclamation with more than 8,000 installations in 43 countries around the world. Recognized as the industry leader, they are in use in over 800 industrial classifications, including branches of the U.S. Military.

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