New Oven Temperature Control System Maximizes Parts Reclamation

oven temp core controller

An advanced automatic temperature control system comes standard on every PCPC Burn Off Furnace. Should furnace temperatures exceed their set point, the furnace temperature controller will automatically shut down the main burner. Should temperatures continue to rise, a water spray system will activate to bring temperatures back to their set point. And just for added protection, each of these temperature control systems has a fully automated back up system should they fail.

However, just as it is in your home cooking oven, you won’t know if the turkey’s truly done until you stick a thermometer in it. That’s why we also offer the West EC44 Core Temperature Controller. Mounted in its own separate control box, the Core Controller is directly attached to the parts being cleaned by a temperature probe providing important benefits to both the furnace and the parts being cleaned.

Monitored Oven Temperature Control

FIRST, the Core Temperature Controller monitors the temperature of the parts throughout the cleaning cycle providing a real time indicator of the actual temperature of the parts as they’re being cleaned. Additionally, if you have a Core Controller with a USB port, the temperature data is recorded and can be downloaded to a flash drive and opened on your office computer as an Excel Worksheet. This provides you with an accurate record of the entire cleaning cycle and its effectiveness.

Automated Back-Up Temperature Controller

SECOND, the Core Temperature Controller provides added protection. Should temperatures exceed the temperatures set on the Core Controller, it, too, will activate the water spray system. The Core Controller is also equipped with a System Trip Feature which disables the Water Spray and shuts off the Main Burner if the part temperature climbs more than 50ºF above the the set point of the Core Controller.

Yields Accurate Oven Cleaning Cycle Information

THIRD, the Core Temperature Controller serves as a valuable information source. This recorded data provides numerical evidence that the oven is performing effectively. Accordingly, it may also provide you with evidence of operational problems or maintenance issues. Additionally, an increasing number of state permitting agencies and professional/trade organizations are requiring that a record of every cleaning cycle be kept on file. For example, EASA, the Electrical Apparatus Service Association, requires a temperature log be maintained in order to receive professional accreditation.

The West EC44 Core Temperature Controller is a valuable new tool that greatly expands furnace capabilities, enhances management control, and certifies quality assurance.