Superior Essex Tours Pollution Control

essex tours pcpc

essex tours pcpc

In preparation for the Electrical Apparatus Service Association’s (EASA) 2015 Trade Show, Pollution Control hosted a meeting and tour of our facility for one of our major distributors, Superior Essex. The Pollution Control Products company showcased the latest in burn-out cleaning technology at EASA this July, and Superior Essex, a global leader in the distribution and manufacture of wire and cable products, showcased as well.

The twenty-five sales reps toured our sales and service offices, our marketing offices, and both of our manufacturing warehouses and were given an in depth look inside the production of the ovens. Being guided by PCPC experts, such as our principal engineer Gary Lyon, they were given detailed knowledge of the entire burn off process. This was especially beneficial to the new Essex reps, just joining the company. The tour also benefited the Pollution Control team; with Essex serving as an extension of our sales department, the meeting allowed PCPC to have face to face interaction with the people they communicate with on a daily basis.

pcpc tours essex

In the history of Pollution Control Products Company, Essex is very much intertwined. Then known as Brownell, Essex was one of Pollution Control’s first company partners and was integral in the initial distribution of Pollution Control furnaces. Peyton Simpson himself, the owner and founder, established the partnership and for over 40 years, Superior Essex has served as a distributor for Pollution Control’s furnaces.